HobbyZone Modulars

HobbyZone Modulars

When Hattons approached me to do an honest review of their HobbyZone modulars I jumped at the chance.  I already have some HobbyZone modulars and have been very happy of them.

Check out their full range here.

In this review I was sent:

  • HZ-OM01a – 6 square drawers
  • HZ-OM02a – 3 flat drawers
  • HZ-OM03 – corners drawers
  • HZ-OM06b – corner paints topper
  • HZ-OM05u – universal bottle module
  • HZ-OM07a – brushes and tools topper
  • HZ-OM13 – sprues topper

I’ve had a Marie Kondo moment putting stuff into the drawers.  I’m trying to be more organised and this is right up my street.  I liked them so much, I’m thinking of ordering a couple more!

The Final Result


The Amazon links are all items I have either bought or bought something similar for myself. Clicking on any links to Amazon will give me a small affiliate income which I use to produce more videos. Every little helps!

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  1. Hi Kathy,

    I have a couple of these, the paint brush & tool holder module and the bottle module, both of which are very useful to have and are very well made, when I save some more pennies I’d like to get the corner drawer module and the oil paint holder module…

    Many thanks for the full review, I know now that I made the right choice…

    Andy… 😊

  2. I think the section with the small holes is for drill bits and Dremel tool bits.
    Great review, I’d seen adds for these but didn’t know how good they’d be.

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