I ha a slack morning so I perused the silent auction. I did bid on one item but was subsequently outbid. I’ve spent too much already so no problem! I went on a layout tour in the afternoon to some excellent layouts in a variety of scales from HO to G. Back at 6:30 and …

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Monday lunch time

It’s been a busy couple of days. I had a BOD meeting yesterday followed by an international committee lunch in a bar (hard). I then went to the mall for a SIM card and spent a fortune on clothes… I retreated to the Convention welcome drinks and went off to supper (note the huge amount …

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Sunday morning update

I had a great day yesterday at the BOD meeting. All the guys involved in the NMRA are absolutely wonderful and I feel really privileged to be working with them. Everybody asks after Nobby (the previous Atlantic Director) – he’s a hard act to follow and much loved! I’m getting better at sleeping the correct …

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Arriving at Atlanta

I am sitting in the immense lobby of the hotel. It’s about 12 storeys high but the view from my room is a car park and freeway. (Very grey at the moment). The trip here was loooooonnnnnnggggggg. I set off about 6:30 from home having got up at 5:10am and arrived about midnight local time. …

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NMRA BR Convention

I have also been Treasurer for the NMRA BR convention in Kegworth in 2010 and Registrar for the 2013 convention in Meriden.


I was involved in two exhibitions helping to showcase the best in American modelling: This was a one day exhibition showcasing the best in North American modelling. You can find out more about it below: