AP Progress

MMR Plaque!

I went to the NMRA British Region meet in Northampton on Saturday. It was a great day and Steve Park was kind enough to bring along my MMR plaque which was presented at the BOD meeting. This is me with Mike Arnold, British Region President: Here it is hanging on my newly cleaned kitchen wall.

MMR achieved

This post is a little late but better late than never. I arrived at the BOD meeting in Cleveland and Frank awarded me with my three certificates before the meeting began. Charlie formally started the meeting and Frank awarded me with my last Offical certificate and then awarded me with my MMR. It was a …

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Good News!

I submitted my paperwork last week and Steve has already had a chance to look at it. He’s awarded my three certificates! Now I only have my Official certificate to get in July and I will have achieved my MMR. I could not have gotten this far without considerable help and encouragement, specifically Fred and …

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AP update

A couple of people have asked where I am so here’s a brief update. After some judicious wrenching and bashing, my crossing passed on its rejudge. Thank goodness. It scraped its merit award but it got there! I’m now pulling my paperwork together. No mean feat. Most items have been judged at a contest but …

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Scores breakdown

I was asked what my scores breakdown was for the judging. This is my speeder scoresheet: Judges commented that I should have weathered the paintwork a bit more which I did mean to do but was just so glad to get it finished that I forgot! Also, he’s not sitting level on the truck because …

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Score on the Doors

Well, I got the items judged at Weston.  Thanks to Nigel Bowyer and Tom Winlow for taking the time to judge. It’s a mixed bag. My speeder just scraped a merit award at 89 points. A relief. The trackwork almost passed. The turnout got 92 points, the dual gauge separation got 88 but the crossing …

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Google Sketchup

I’ve been spending a lot of evenings since September last year playing on Google Sketchup to do a Unionville Depot from scratch for my prototype modellers certificate and as my last scratch built building for my structures certificate. To say I have gone round and round in circles would be an understatement but after many …

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Electrical Certificate

Hurray! I have my paperwork signed off for the certificate and have put it safely in the hands of our Region AP Chair. Thanks to Keith Webb and Tom Winlow who took time out from the Convention to pop to my house to assess the bits attached to my layout for Electrical

Prototype Certificate continues

I pulled out my Atlas RS-3s. I have decided to use these and update the headlights. The guys from the New Haven Internet Modellers have been invaluable and I need to get the following detail parts: Cal Scale: Pyle Headlight for Diesels (Brass Casting) Single Beam Style Part # 190-396 Custom Finishing: Cab Type Signal …

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