FremOn30 Modules

FremOn30 modules

Weston Modular Madness

I’m at Weston-on-Trent with the On30 modules. I was missing a key component: Yep, my bolts are sat on my dining room floor. Thankfully I was able to borrow some! I was amazed to fit all of this into my car: But here they are up in place: I do love the grass look:

Swamp Shed

Along with finishing the speeder, I also built my last scratch built building for the AP structures certificate – a swamp shed. I took this pile of stirrers and painted them up. I then turned this: And this (home made corrugated iron): With these: To this: Actually, this is the final product:

O Scale Switcher

I needed a switcher to show that my dual gauge turnout and crossing work: I had to update the wheels to some NWSL narrower treads and chip it. I replaced the bulb with an LED but it comes on the wrong way round so I will have to resolder a wire or two. It runs …

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San Juan painting

Having finished the end details, I started painting my box car. First I primed with Tamiya fine primer. I had to carefully mask the doorways: Then I used Vallejo greys and beiges to add the first layer of wood colour: I need a lot more layers of paint for the wood. My inspiration is these …

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Grass, grass and more grass

I’ve been busy turning these: With this: Into this: The miss will need airbrushing: I did glue this up somehow and it took a while to get it working again…

Scenery continues

I added some of the missing bolts etc for the track based on these prototype photos: The final result without weathering and still needing some paint touch ups: I did some of the scenery. In the week I’d stuck down the moss. Not totally sure about it… These are the tools for the grass – …

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On30 modules scenery

I relaid my trackwork but first I had to get rid of a ski slope which uncoupled all my trains at the end of one module. With a few bolts and braces I forced the glued piece of ply up and then a judicious hammer tap helped. I was worried about the shed at one …

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Modules at Benson

I had a great day today at the NMRA meet at Benson. I do wish I had taken at least one photo! I took the modules but I have to say my track work needs improving! It was great to have Steve Dennison give me dome much needed advice: My wing rails are too short …

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Modular Madness

Well, I’ve had a stinking cold all week. What’s worse, I’m taking my modules to the NMRA Winter meet at Benson tomorrow. I’ve put off the track laying so much that I’m seriously behind. Last Friday I soldiered on and finished laying my track. I still hate it but at least the rails are down. …

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