Inspiration This video is really different to usual.  II’ve been thinking a lot about new YouTube projects and what to do next and what inspires me to model what I do. There’s no easy answer! This is a little bit of my thought processes in how I decide what to do in my modelling. …

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Port Dinorwic Layout Planning

Planning One of the most fun parts for me is planning a project.  This micro layout has started to take form in my mind and I’ve been playing around with real track to see what fits. It’s certainly not easy fitting a dockside into a small space… Track Plans This is based on 25″ Ordnance …

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NMRA Orlando 17 – General Interest Tours

NMRA Orlando 17 – General Interest Tours I went on only one of the many general interest tours at this NMRA National Convention to the Kennedy Space Centre – awesome!  

Port Dinorwic Micro Layout

It started with a pint… It all started over a pint… I have been judging the Great Model Railway Challenge with Steve Flint, the editor of Railway Modeller, the largest circulation UK model railway magazine. He asked me to do a series of articles on scenery etc and I was looking for the next theme for …

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Sunday Update 11th March 2018

Well, I’ve been trying to spend some time doing things other than videos at weekend – it’s not hard to do! So apart from finishing Tomb Raider (the 2013 edition) on my Xbox: And then, despite saying I’d go model, starting the next game – Rise of Tomb Raider. I did glue a few pieces …

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Rethinking Priorities

I thought I’d better explain why I’ve been dropping the number of videos recently. I’ve been doing my YouTube channel for around two and a half years and I suspect very few people realise how much time it takes. I spend almost all my weekends either doing videos or editing them and it’s gotten to …

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Train Street – Hanoi, Vietnam

 Train Street – Hanoi, Vietnam I’ve just got back from an amazing three weeks in Hong Kong and Vietnam.  Of course, I managed to find some trains and I wanted to share one of my favourite spots of the trip – Train Street – Hanoi, Vietnam. Location There are actually loads of train streets …

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