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Build Contest

I was a little shocked that my hand car shed came second in the Kitforum’s Build Contest. I was even more shocked by the generosity of the prizes. Darryl from Inter-action Enterprises ( sent me a whole goody bag. I want to open up and play straight away but I am trying to do the …

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Final Photos

I need four final photos for the challenge. I took a bunch yesterday morning – before the sun came out but I’ve been way to busy working to take photos since then. These are my best offerings so far and I have to pick 4 for the challenge thread: Background trees are tad out of …

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Finishing Touches

I’ve been putting the final touches on the diorama – only a few days left to go… I went to Modelzone to get some right angle brass strip but they don’t stock it so I bought these instead: I only used a few of them but they added a splash of colour in the right …

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Scenery and bits continues

It’s getting near the end… 19 days to go on the build before final photos are due. I assembled the hand car and planked it. I tried using dullcote to stick the leaves onto some sea moss trees to add a little variation to the grass. I didn’t want to go over the top so …

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I’ve been a bit stumped about the scenery for my shed but finally sort inspiration from the Argent book and decided on grass.  I used whatever I had lying around such as this Silfor grass mat.  It has nice variations and textures in it: I used it as a base layer and then used the …

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Hand Car Shed in place

I finally put my shed in place on the diorama. I plonked down an On30 car I had built and weathered a while ago to fill the void:

Hand Car Shed continues

I managed a few little bits today.  I’d already glued the floor planks to a bit of card the right size.  I’d cut the rail to the right size to come out of the shed and up to the main running rails. I also put on the roof from card – with the underneath sprayed …

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Hand Car Shed further wall colouring

I decided to add a few more colours to the walls because they weren’t quite right.  I used water colour pencils and then a diluted IPA/water mix to smooth them a bit:

Hand Car Shed Roof

I’ve added the roof rafters – not sure how the roof panels will fit yet:   I then painted the hand car. This is the shed I used for inspiration:      

Hand car shed assembled

I finished painting and basic weathering on the sides and built the doors. I’d glued the frames yesterday but did the diagonal inserts from stained strip wood. I added plywood patches using stained sheet balsa which has a nice grain pattern. I added some weathering with MIG and AK Interactive products: Then I glued the …

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