Layout Construction

Layout Tour Christmas 2017

 Layout Tour Christmas 2017 This week is a whistle stop tour of my layout.  There’s loads to do still but it’s great to take stock at least once a year and see that it is progressing, even if it’s really slowly….   If you are enjoying the series then please subscribe to my blog …

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Final trees

Trees, trees, trees

Deadline – 2022 I got back from North America with a new deadline – 2022! We successfully bid to hold the NMRA National Convention in Birmingham, UK, in 2022.  As Convention Committee Chair I am going to be very busy but a number of people have already said to me that they are expecting to …

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Getting my groove back

I must admit that I probably last went up my loft to work on my layout in June. Life has been busy and my water videos have ducked all my modelling time and a lot of other time besides. This week, I was editing the BR convention for YouTube and hot it up on Sunday …

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Finally running trains

I had a great day today.  I actually ran a train for the first time in a year!  Admittedly it was a cleaning train and I ran around all of my storage yards and main line.  Running down from the upper level was fun as my train stalled in the section where it runs through …

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Variety to the hills

I had a comment that my hills were too uniform in colour and the colour transition between the printed backdrop and my foam hills was too jarring. I threw a lot of Woodland Scenics ground foam around and we’ll see if it is an improvement. Let’s see what it’s like when it dries.