Other Railroad Modelling

Other railroad modelling

Operating Session

I had another great day at Mike Tricker’s layout finishing off the end of our operating day session. I ran a number of trains. First up was the Upton turn – a set of hard switching around a wye with many industries: I then ran a freight – extra 6221: It runs around the sky! …

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Leigh Clark’s layout

Leigh used to model American and is currently doing this exquisite German layout: Example of Leigh’s scenery: Left End: Middle: Right end: Dave Cunningham and the layout: Examples of Leigh’s vegetation: A Silhouette or was is Silflor Silver Birch: The embankment: Pollarded trees: The wiring is so neat: We all got under the layout to …

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Mike Tricker’s Layout

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to operate Mike Tricker’s layout. His layout was in the June 2013 Model Railroader and we had a great time. There are three levels. This is the upper level, view from the floor: You need to get onto a raised area to see it properly: You can …

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Bordello photos

I need a few photos for my layout album so I thought I would take a few of the Bordello:

Diorama final scenery

The diorama is nearing the end… I had some bare patches so added more grout. I also did a light dusting over the top of the shiny bits. If I just drip IPA and water on, it dries much more matte than with glue as well. This is what I’m trying to get rid of, …

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Bordello scenery

I’ve been distracted by the garden but did manage to start on the landscaping. The first layer always looks awful but it tones down over time. I first painted the base with yellow ochre. A hideous colour but better than white: I then dusted (and heaped) on a sand coloured grout. It’s a bit lumpy …

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Porch roof

More gardening so not a lot of modelling I’m afraid but I did get the roof on the porch: I used matt varnish to tamp the tar paper repair down as it is worn out: I was going to use these plastic mouldings for the railings but the porch is falling down so I’m not …

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Bordello porch

I thought the customers may need some hand rails given the likelihood of them partaking in a few whiskies before they went upstairs: Someone, and apologies becasue I can’t remember where, recommended the following cedar grilling wraps. I’m not sure about the cedar as the grain is quite course. First I soaked it in A&I …

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Barber shop

I took the photos but not sure how well it ties together yet: The barbers shop is done: I’ve lit the inside with beaded LEDs. The customers are too busy talking to actually get any barbering done but at least they look like they are having fun: I still need to put a chimney on …

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Bordello wood colour

I decided that the wood looked a different colour to the painted resin: I therefore painted them with some grey Vallejo paint to tone in more. Forgot to take photos so more tomorrow…