Speeder update

I know I haven’t posted for a while – I have been busy.  It’s spring and I’ve been decluttering and trying to clear out my house a little. Unfortunately, I still had to finish my speeder for Weston as I’m hoping to get it judged there. I’ve had a few hours every day at most …

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My lights work!

Thanks to everyone on Facebook who helped with my lights issue. Special thanks to Paul Volker who pointed out that blue is positive not negative. A positive common – who knew? The decoder instructions were certainly silent. I realised I had painted my reversing light red so quickly added another light and, amazing, they worked! …

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I’m stumped

I had a bit of a problem on Sunday and I tried again tonight. Still no luck! I wired my lamps in, the LEDs still work if I place a battery across them, but they won’t light on DCC power. They are wired in parallel with the cathode to the blue and anode to the …

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Back on the Speeder

I’ve a deadline for the speeder being judged at Weston – the last weekend in April which is only 6 weeks away.  Time to get on with it! This is where I had got to before being diverted by my trip to the States: I’d taken this to Leigh’s before Christmas and everyone commented how …

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Speeder painting

I looked at the colour of my speeder, pale as it is, against the photos. It is a bit dark but part may be the direct sunlight on the photos: I used a couple of Vallejo paints and their glaze medium to add some darker patches and lighter ones: Next up is the slight weathering …

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Speeder painting

I used ice yellow Vallejo painting to give the speeder its base coat. It is a bit light but I am going to use filters to yellow the lower less bleached surfaces. Here it is after the disastrous first coat: Here’s the speeder now:

Speeder painting

Do you ever have one of those days where you wish you just hadn’t bothered? My airbrush has been playing up for a while. I stripped it, cleaned it in lacquer remover, put it in an ultrasound bath, scrubbed and polished it. I reassembled it and the air came out fine… So this afternoon, after …

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Speeder continues

I spent quite a few hours adding details, building bits and generally getting on with the speeder. I used a woven material for the grill and the wood is there to mock up the heights. I’ve decided that I’ve probably reached as far as I can as I am now onto hand rails and so …

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I started on this speeder a few years ago. It is the third scratchbuilt item for my NMRA AP motive power certificate. You can use existing trucks but most everything else should be made from basic shapes of styrene or wood. This is where I had got to: A box of parts, a small decoder …

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