I can’t count

I tried putting on my wheels… I had 3 of one type and 4 of another. That’s 7 wheels, one of which should be a spare… But it was the wrong 3 and I was missing a back wheel with no spare parts to make one up… I thought I’d over-weathered them so was wasn’t …

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Rusting up the gantry

I’ve been working on my gantry. It’s a bit desultory as this is my only 3 days holiday in the UK this year. I’m trying to have a rest and sort some house bits too. I did get a chance to tidy up a corner of my garage and set up my airbrush. I sprayed …

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Gantry almost done

I just need to add a little bit of trim at the top and this is done. Here’s me recreating how to hang a man off the gantry. I’m not sure how I will glue him on yet. Here’s a spin around the diorama:

The base is rising

I have the diorama gantries nearly done. I epoxied some uprights on to screws which were screwed through the base. The cards are old business cards from when they changed my job title. They are very useful for mixing epoxy too. I also use train tickets as I use to have 10-20 a week.  I …

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Clearing the decks

I am splitting my time between tidying, modelling and DIY. Unfortunately, my loft is like an oven so I am clearing out my unfinished projects from the utility. I need the space! Apologies for all those wanting railroads. First up is the diorama base for my Maschinen Krieger men and machines. I had got as …

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New Transformers project

I know I’m not starting any new projects but this is on my Christmas shopping list. The new DMK-03 Optimus Prime by Takara Tomy:

Golden Spaceship

I came down this morning and the bottom of my spaceship had fallen off! Glueing hard plastic is not easy… I glued it back together and sprayed it gold (at a distance so it wasn’t uniform).


My life seems full of deadlines with work, MMR by July and to lay track by Benson; so what did I do? I built a spaceship as I just fancied building one. It’s cobbled together from bits I had lying around and a few Star Wars Quick Kits. These are fold down glasses: A few …

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