Lego Space Needle

I saw this today and thought that it would be great somewhere on my MaK square foot challenge. It took about half an hour to make up.

MaK gantries

I bought a car mesh grill for the gantry flooring – it’s slightly wobbly so I’m going to solder up some brass right angle if I can find it to strengthen the edges. I have hands full of holes but have managed to cut the first level out. I had to use my Xuron rail …

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Straw connectors – first trial

I quickly put the straw connectors together in a test pyramid.  Quite a few are missing “arms” but a lot need trimming anyway:    

Straw connectors

As my website hosting is down (3 days – what a nightmare) I got my straw connector file back out. I loaded it to Shapeways and it passed! Unfortunately it was way too large. I think I had to get around the minimum size of objects in Sketchup so used inches as the unit. Apparently …

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Weathering continues

The little guys above are done, heads in place and visors in… wish I had remembered to take a photo! I did take photos of my big boys being built. These are so cute! The bigger one is a Nitto Krote and the smaller one a Wave Gans: They are all pointing up as they …

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Painting MaK

I realised that I never said the scale – these are 1:20. The kits are two Gustavs and a Ketzer by Wave. I also have a Wave Gans and a Nitto Krote. I painted a lot more layers. Three orange layers, this is the first, Vallejo orange red: I painted on a mix of red …

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Maschinen Krieger

I recently bought the latest AK Interactive magazine – the first on rust, the second on dust and the next on chips and scratches. The first two magazines each have an article on a Maschinen Krieger – which I fell in love with. There were quite a few websites which were also inspirational and I …

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