I know I should finish something. I have a chimney (yes, just one chimney to do on the Bordello and can I get round to it…), Schmidtchens (which I have now managed to do the roof on but don’t want to glue it on as I want to put in LED lights on some windows …

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I managed to line it with gold although after 2 pens and a few wobbles I’m not sure how good it is. The headless man is a 1:35 infantryman:


I love SciFi and having just watched the latest Total Recall I have been thinking of doing a futuristic alley in a number of alien/future worlds. Serendipitously I was in Tescos and saw the first edition of a dolls house magazine. It gave away a free set of china, which I promptly dropped the tea …

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Transformers Final Photos

I have to admit to loving the Transformers films. I even saw the second one at a drive in movie theatre in Connecticut. Having seen the third film, I was surfing the internet to see if there were any model kits. There was one, sold out already, of Optimus Prime and an available one for …

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Diorama details

The diorama’s limping on. I decided to make the concrete building into a car park – easier to detail! I put in a huge stencilled sign using Mum’s Robocutter to cut out the letters. I glued it on with pritt stick including the centres of all the Rs, As and Ps: I then painted the …

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I haven’t spent a lot of time on the transformers diorama lately but I have now got the Transformers 3 DVD and am currently watching it for the second time… I love the bit when Sam drives into Chicago – so atmospheric. I need to find some 1/35 skulls, another car to burn and some …

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Bumblebee’s LEDs

Bumblebee’s little LEDs are in place. There were 10 in the packet and only 1 is left and 2 are soldered on! The rest got stuck, lost or plain burnt up but they are 1.4×0.4mm which is very very very small. I just need to glue his front on now…

Base continues

Work’s kind of got in the way but I did resolder some of Bumblebee’s LEDs including those incredibly small ones at are 1mm by 0.4mm! Here’s the eyes in place, slightly larger LEDs though! The base is coming along. I clogged my airbrush so spent more time cleaning that than anything else. Next up is …

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I was at the NMRA British Region Convention last weekend and picked up a pile of tips such as using really really small LEDs (from ebay). I bought a pile and I can’t even see one lot – goodness knows how I’ll solder those. Thankfully most of them are bit larger! I’m going to swap …

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