Modelling Jigs and Tools

Modelling Jigs and Tools I will admit I’m a little obsessed by my 3D printer.  A lot of my modelling in the last couple of weeks is that boring stuff that just doesn’t make good videos – building baseboards, 3D designing widgets, jigs and tools.  That brings me on to the topic of this blog …

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Back to Basics Scenery Series

Back to Basics Scenery These are a couple of articles that I wrote for the NMRA British Region. They were published in Roundhouse, their bimonthly magazine, as part of the Back to Basics Scenery series which is aimed at beginning modellers. I hope you find them useful. You can find the articles here: Back-to-Basics-Scenery-Part-1 Back-to-Basics-Scenery-Part-2 …

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Staining wood & peeling paint

One of my all time favourite modellers, Chuck Doan, developed this technique. It works best in O scale but could be adapted for HO. You start by roughing up the stripwood or scribed board using a wire brush and exacto knife. Pay attention to any exposed edges or the bottom of the building. I always …

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Rusty Tank

This was the first time I had ever used Deluxe Materials Scenic Rust. I always use their CA glues and have always found them log lasting in the model and they do not clog up excessively. The Scenic Rust product contains a small pot of iron powder, a binder (glue) and a developer. You dab …

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Fantasonics Sound System

Fantasonics ( do an excellent set of CDs with scale noises. I bought Big City (1940s) and Big Port/Harbour (1940s) CDs on a two for one offer. I bought some cheap (under a fiver) portable CD players from ebay and some cheap speakers from Maplins: I cut them up and extracted the speakers and internal …

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