FSM Pile Driver

Pile driver

Happy New Year! Back at work already I’m afraid! I did have a semi New Year’s resolution to finish all those half built kits I have… So I started with the Pile Driver. I still need to add a small amount of clutter, not a lot but a little. Much as I like George Sellios, …

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FSM pile driver roof walks

It’s been a funny week with the riots, work’s been finished at 3pm for a couple of days so I’ve got a bit done. The FSM pile driver is coming along nicely: The next step is the roof walks. I won’t be doing most of the clutter as in my experience of boats and the …

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FSM pile driver continues

I’ve been working on the FSM pile driver. The wonky boiler was just annoying me so I ripped it out (removed the shed) and redid it! It looks better and the A-frame is done. I’ve cut and spray painted the corrugated roofing and am waiting for it to dry. In the meanwhile I got on …

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Wonky boiler

Here’s the pile driver as far as I’ve got. The boiler looked straight when I first did it but is decidely wonky. It annoys me every time I look at it but it’s too far gone to change now… ho hum.