Maschinen Krieger

Maschinen Krieger or MaK

Mak Pictures

I have put bookshelves in my dining rooms to hold my dioramas.  The shelves are back lit and give quite a striking light so here are a few pictures of my MaK diorama in situ.

Semi-Finished Photos

My Maschinen Krieger diorama is finished. It’s not in a great place for photos and I’m trying to clear out my kitchen for redecorating so it will be a while before I take them. In the meanwhile, here it is:

Icicles on

I’ve also stuck all my epoxy icicles on. They’ve yellowed up a bit and I still need to bed the big ice flows in. I can’t find my acrylic thick gloss medium. Oooohh, I wonder if it’s in that cupboard, too late now. I tried mod podge but I’ve never had a good experience with …

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Now my Ipad is back on form again, I’ve uploaded those pictures. I’m actually catching up on some work today so no more modelling this weekend but it’s starting to come together. I started with some taut(ish) fishing line stretched across an old cardboard box: I dribbled epoxy down it – around 3 coats: It …

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iOS 8 shenanigans and icicles

Well, I could have got loads done today but I spent nearly 6 hours trying to restore my ipad after the iOS update trashed it. Hmmm. All working now. Thank goodness for back ups. I’d post some photos but now WordPress is refusing to upload and I’ve had enough of computers for today!

Rusting up the gantry

I’ve been working on my gantry. It’s a bit desultory as this is my only 3 days holiday in the UK this year. I’m trying to have a rest and sort some house bits too. I did get a chance to tidy up a corner of my garage and set up my airbrush. I sprayed …

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Gantry almost done

I just need to add a little bit of trim at the top and this is done. Here’s me recreating how to hang a man off the gantry. I’m not sure how I will glue him on yet. Here’s a spin around the diorama: