FremOn30 Modules

FremOn30 modules

Swamp module piled section

I started on the swamp section a few days ago.  It was not a success.  I wasn’t keen on pushing spikes in on the elevated section in mid air so thought I would spike and glue the balsa ties on to the rail and then put the piles in underneath. I drilled a series of …

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Track laying

I’m thinking of cutting my rail into 30 foot lengths so you get a clickety clack. I bought some C&L Finescale fishplates. These are the 4mm ones because I am using code 70 track and I have some 7mm ones if I ever find some heavier track for the standard section. They look good: All …

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Progress at last

After almost a year in the doldrums I finally decided on a track plan for the modules. The sleepers are all Kappler sugar pine narrow gauge sleepers. The ones on the ends are standard and the rest are low profile or wood dowels – some 3mm or 6mm dowels cut in half. The dowels are …

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Bachmann rail bus

Back at it today trying to finish some old projects – first up the step on the rail bus. This was broken when I got it and I bought a replacement but got the wrong side. Then Bachmann kindly sent me the correct side… quite a few months ago. I finally took this: And made …

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I filled the edges and then sanded them – they need a bit more work but here’s the four in the wave formation:

Track plan

I had a few ideas of track plans whilst I was on holiday. These are some configurations I put together: My only concern is that in order to get some additional length for sidings I have put in 3 tracks. I’m planning to always put my 4 together but I may only take one or …

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Module legs

Legs are done. We decided on trestles as they are easy to adjust heights and quick to put up. The first trestles were too tall so I had to cut them down. I took 6cm off the bottom and thought it would be easy… It took a while as the legs weren’t quite the same …

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Module construction

I finally got the wood for the On30 Fremo modules so started building them. I asked the local joiner to cut the wood. It is a couple of mm out in most cases but the modules have come together ok. I managed to build one so far and learnt a few tricks for the next …

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What is FremOn30?

I have a confession, I have hundreds of On30 items and nowhere to run them! As the local NMRA group has run out of steam a bit, the suggestion came that we try a Fremo group. FREMO stands for “Freundeskreis Europäischer MOdellbahner”, translated Friendship of European railway modellers. In the USA there is another set …

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