Martin Machine

Martin Machine and the river

OK, I know it’s twenty days since I last posted but I have been busy – honest! I’ve been a bit of a scattergun recently but knuckled down today to finish off a lot of the Martin Machine final details. I spent last weekend playing for the first time with my Noch grassmaster – great

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Martin Machine details

It’s been another long bank holiday weekend although the Royal Wedding did distract me on Friday! The jib crane and steps are in at the river end: The river is finished. I wasn’t happy with the falls as the top ended up too white and obscured the planking detail under the water. I’d mixed what

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Martin Machine dam debris

I had a superb suggestion off mrrforums so I put in some debris on the dam to explain the gaps in the waterfall. I used some grass stems and fluff from the centre of my tree fern – sadly not sprouting yet this year after the last year’s cold :(. I used modpodge to put

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Second pour

The second pour went much better and I put a better dam on the lower level. Spent half the day in bed but did do the loading dock and envirotex pour as well as painting two little hydrocal huts that come with the kit. I still need to do the roofs. Here’s the big picture

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Arrggghhhh! My envirotex leaked!!!! I put a few hasty dams in place and loads of masking tape, a block of wood and I’ll pop and look at it in a few hours. The edge causing the problems is the long edge which will border on to river on the main layout (this is a diorama).

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Martin Machine scenery

I’ve been working on the scenery around the building. I’ll do the final details on the building when I’ve done the first round of scenery so I don’t knock them. I used fine grey Woodland Scenics ballast for the front of Martin Machine which I’m undecided about. I would like something a bit finer really.

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Martin Machine river bed

It’s been glorious hot sunny weather so the modelling has suffered. I did get the river bed and sculptamold land in. Bob VG has a really rocky river with another 2-3″ of height. I’m height restricted so I chose to model a flatter river, more like the prototype. It will also fit my existing river

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Martin Machine roofs

I’ve been working hard on Martin Machine but did manage to hoover and clean my track in the loft and even ran a few trains! First off I put the ribs on the seamed tin roof edging: I trimmed them off and then painted them grey. I weathered the panels with chalks in IPA and

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