Martin Machine

Martin Machine tiled roof

It’s been a glorious weekend with real genuine sunshine so the garden and visitors beckoned. During the week I got on with the shingles. Bob Van Gelder says to allow 6 hours for the roof but when spread out over a number evenings it soon passes. This is where I have got to after about …

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Martin Machine interior floors

I know I haven’t posted for ages but I haven’t been totally distracted by holidays and DIY. I’ve been having an awful time with my roofs. I decided to put in lights, more for atmosphere than to actually light the interior. I need to make them removable to replace the bulbs if they go and …

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Martin Machine windows

I’ve finally finished cutting up glass for the windows. I used microscope slide coverslips which are .013-.017mm thick. Each window generally needs 2 panes as they are double hung sash windows. I cheated and used canopy glue for the doors though as it is easier and the white metal castings are harder to put glass …

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Martin Machine prototype roof

I’ve been distracted by work, a cold and DIY! I have nearly finished the bathroom so am finding time to get back to the tedious task of cutting glass to size. I’ve used microscope slide cover slips as real glass. The window frames look too new so I need to knock them back with some …

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More weathering

I didn’t get around to buying the oil paint in time so knocked the dark peeling wood back with white pastel and IPA with some ink in it. I’m happier with the result than before: I’ve been distracted by the builders and so only got around to briefly painting the windows and wood trim:  

Painting Martin Machine walls

I spent the day painting bits and bobs on Martin Machine. Firstly I primed the plaster castings with Halford’s grey primer, I primed the brick with red paint and then painted the inside of the cover over the turbine exits black. Whilst all that was drying I painted the walls again. On the left are …

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Starting Martin Machine

I’ve started the South River Model Works (SRMW) Martin Machine for the corner of my layout. I need to build it soon before it becomes impossible to get in place before the scenery gets in the way. I took the requisite photo of the box contents: I’ve been reading the manual and studying the cards …

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