Half way photos

I’m about half way through the diorama so I thought I would post some final photos of where I have got to: I got out my new camera and tried taking some night shots too:

Basic interiors

I’m lighting my buildings so need some rough interiors. I expect my windows will be grubby so the mill equipment just needs to be the right size and shape. At Christmas I bought two packs of Micro blocks for £2. They are cheap small lego knock offs. I made some basic blocks for the mill …

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The L roof

I completed the L roof following my own blog post on the main mill roof. I didn’t bother with quite so many pen colours as they don’t show a lot. I also need to do the lichen but want to try a different technique.

The L Continues

I’ve been working on the L. I added in an attic floor and a few boxes as a view block. I’m not going to light this room so a suggestion of an interior is enough. I glued the balsa wood ground floor in place. And added a cardboard back wall. It was slightly warped so …

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Nothing is straight (forward)

There are some evenings when nothing goes right! I built all my buildings over the templates (square ones!). However, none of my buildings are quite straight (apart from the main building). I think I know why. Ware was ok until I tried to fit the brick extension in. That caused the one side to be …

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