Smashing time with Threadwell

Well, I did the one thing you hate doing with a hydrocal kit, I dropped a piece! All is not lost as they glue back together quite easily with hardly a joint. Not my first accident! I started on Friday by spraying the prepared castings with Halfords grey primer. The trick is knowing when to …

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Jigsaw Puzzle

I spent quite a few hours at the weekend scratching my head over fitting the buildings and canals on my dioramas. I have 3 and wanted to use the same fascia for each which means that the canals and water as well as the scenery need to fall with the same profile. I also had …

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Obligatory box contents photo

It’s a good thing I can’t start building until the 1st December as it takes quite a while just to digest the contents of a South River Model Works kit box: First off, Ware Knitters is the only small box, all the rest are the size of the Treadwell box. Each box contains a manual, …

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