Lapworth Locks

I decided to base my upcoming snow and ice diorama on Lapworth canal locks, near to where I live. There’s loads of water, some moving, some not, space for snow and structures to ice up. It should all be beautiful but of course, there’s no snow there now and there may not be for years… …

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Modelling Jigs and Tools

Modelling Jigs and Tools I will admit I’m a little obsessed by my 3D printer.  A lot of my modelling in the last couple of weeks is that boring stuff that just doesn’t make good videos – building baseboards, 3D designing widgets, jigs and tools.  That brings me on to the topic of this blog …

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Warley 2018

This weekend was Warley Model Railway Show.  Warley is the highlight of my modelling calendar and is the largest UK show.  This time, I barely got to see it as I was busy with the Exec Producer, Pat, from the Great Model Railway Challenge plus I was on a stand.  I still got to spend …

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 Inspiration This video is really different to usual.  II’ve been thinking a lot about new YouTube projects and what to do next and what inspires me to model what I do. There’s no easy answer! This is a little bit of my thought processes in how I decide what to do in my modelling. …

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Port Dinorwic Layout Planning

Planning One of the most fun parts for me is planning a project.  This micro layout has started to take form in my mind and I’ve been playing around with real track to see what fits. It’s certainly not easy fitting a dockside into a small space… Track Plans This is based on 25″ Ordnance …

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NMRA Orlando 17 – General Interest Tours

NMRA Orlando 17 – General Interest Tours I went on only one of the many general interest tours at this NMRA National Convention to the Kennedy Space Centre – awesome!