Base continues

Work’s kind of got in the way but I did resolder some of Bumblebee’s LEDs including those incredibly small ones at are 1mm by 0.4mm! Here’s the eyes in place, slightly larger LEDs though! The base is coming along. I clogged my airbrush so spent more time cleaning that than anything else. Next up is …

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I was at the NMRA British Region Convention last weekend and picked up a pile of tips such as using really really small LEDs (from ebay). I bought a pile and I can’t even see one lot – goodness knows how I’ll solder those. Thankfully most of them are bit larger! I’m going to swap …

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Optimus’ scratches

The internet is still down so this may be a while before it actually posts… I started painting Optimus’s scratches with Tamiya flat aluminium today. The last three nights have been devoted to many hours on the phone to India trying to get BT to admit that they have screwed up our broadband. I feel …

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Concrete building

I battered the building in “concrete”. I tried hydrocal to start with but it didn’t work so I went on to flexible polyfilla which did but I ran out. I used foam “sandings” which are all over my floor to put some grittiness in: I need to clean it all off, fill the gaps and …

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Diorama base

I had a break for a week with family birthdays, new car etc… and then I got back on with the base. I wanted the wall to be made of wood firmly screwed into the bottom so I chose two bits of spare wood to see how it looked. The wall piece is way too …

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Diorama disaster

It’s been a bit of a disaster on the diorama base. I tried casting it out of plaster with rebar sticking out the side and a plaster wall. Let’s just say that I have loads of broken bits of concrete for the diorama! The main problem was the weight, a couple of layers of plaster …

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The boys are lit up

The lights are in! Bumblebee’s right eye is a bit dark (like totally!) but otherwise it’s looking good: I started the diorama mockup yesterday. I’ve ordered two die cast 1/32 cars that should scale out ok and am waiting for them to arrive (they’re sat at the sorting office as I was out earlier).


I’ve had a few distractions – like a trip to the Severn Valley Railway – but have got on quite a bit. I finished Bumblebee. As you can see I broke his front piece off. I broke several pieces on Bumbleebee, mostly on the pegs when I tried to remove pieces, so ended up using …

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Prime finished

I got back from a few days away and finished Prime off. It’s amazing how the last few steps can take the longest. There’s always one piece that falls out… Here he is, the observant amongst you will notice that his head is missing: Those tanks were the worst bit. I broke a chimney off …

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