The boys are lit up

The lights are in! Bumblebee’s right eye is a bit dark (like totally!) but otherwise it’s looking good: I started the diorama mockup yesterday. I’ve ordered two die cast 1/32 cars that should scale out ok and am waiting for them to arrive (they’re sat at the sorting office as I was out earlier).


I’ve had a few distractions – like a trip to the Severn Valley Railway – but have got on quite a bit. I finished Bumblebee. As you can see I broke his front piece off. I broke several pieces on Bumbleebee, mostly on the pegs when I tried to remove pieces, so ended up using …

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Prime finished

I got back from a few days away and finished Prime off. It’s amazing how the last few steps can take the longest. There’s always one piece that falls out… Here he is, the observant amongst you will notice that his head is missing: Those tanks were the worst bit. I broke a chimney off …

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Diorama planning

I’ve been thinking about the diorama a lot. I know that I have certain elements and I think I know how I want to arrange them but I am a bit of a wait and see girl. I like to have the individual pieces in my hands before doing the final thoughts. So far, I …

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Optimus getting near done

I’ve had other things on but here is where I got to before being distracted: My only bug bear with the kit (apart from forcing bits together) is the sprue marks. Thankfully I’m doing a battle damaged Optimus! In the meanwhile, I’ve sprayed Bumbleebee with Tamiya spray can gloss. The first coast wasn’t very glossy …

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Optimus’ hands

I popped to Maplins at lunch time to get some 3mm LEDs to light the eyes and headlights. They didn’t have any white ones though! I bought some blue ones which are 4.5v but ended up ordering some more off the website with matching 3.5v ratings which are two AA batteries. I used the fine …

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Optimus continues

I got an hour in this evening. I finished the feet and put the head on: I tend to leave him in pieces so that I don’t knock things off but he looks like Terminator! I’ve left the tanks on his shoulders off for now as they fall off evey 10 seconds anyway. I might …

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Optimus build

I popped to Hobbycraft to get some metallic acrylic paints and spent the afternoon assembling part of Prime. I do prefer stick and glue model kits!!! Some of the pieces are a pain to get to fit and so you end up pushing and hoping nothing will break. Don’t get me on to the bits …

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The humvee has been started but is still under construction. I’m having great fun working out what an alien energy blast would do to one and how the bumpers, wing mirrors and body would crumple (if at all) when it rolls over sideways. Here’s where I’ve got to so far: The most exciting thing is …

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Project X

I have to admit to loving the Transformers films. I even saw the second one at a drive in movie theatre in Connecticut. Having seen the third film, I was surfing the internet to see if there were any model kits. There was one, sold out already, of Optimus Prime and an available one for …

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