Neon Alley Optimus

Neon Alley Optimus I’ve been playing around in Photoshop trying to composite Optimus into a scene. Last summer I spent quite a while learning Adobe Photoshop and playing around.  I discovered some great tutorials by Phlearn, many of which are free, and have been practicing how to do things.  I realise that what I like …

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Optimus is here

A huge box arrived today from Japan. Optimus has arrived. I’m so excited but must finish Treadwell first. That’s a MaK SAFS snowman snuck in too..

Motorway mayhem

Before I start my structure build, I’m finishing off a few things including my Bonecrusher diorama. I broke out some new epoxy which then took ages to set. 4 minutes it wasn’t! I propped the truck up and glued piano wire into a hole in the road base and the front of the vehicle. I …

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Bonecrusher base

I tidied out my utility last week as it’s getting repainted and found a bonecrusher wheel. Guess I did build the right number 18 months ago! I haven’t taken a lot of photos of the base but here’s where I am: This is the freeway where the battle takes place in the movie. It was …

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That truck

Well the truck’s done. I wouldn’t call it stellar or even mediocre but it’s finished and I’m now watching paint dry, literally. I’m actually trying to load photos into WordPress but yet again, ios8 screws up. Apparently it’s broken the photo uploader. Typical. I keep thinking thank goodness my phone is still 7 something but …

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Painting the truck

I have not been happy with my truck painting. I wanted a gloss black but didn’t have any Tamiya so I went to Hobbycraft and they were out too. I picked up gloss Humbrol. Now I don’t spray enamels any more and it was a huge mess. Orange peel has nothing on my truck! Not …

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I can’t count

I tried putting on my wheels… I had 3 of one type and 4 of another. That’s 7 wheels, one of which should be a spare… But it was the wrong 3 and I was missing a back wheel with no spare parts to make one up… I thought I’d over-weathered them so was wasn’t …

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New Transformers project

I know I’m not starting any new projects but this is on my Christmas shopping list. The new DMK-03 Optimus Prime by Takara Tomy:


I know I should finish something. I have a chimney (yes, just one chimney to do on the Bordello and can I get round to it…), Schmidtchens (which I have now managed to do the roof on but don’t want to glue it on as I want to put in LED lights on some windows …

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