Modelling Scenery

Starting Scenery: Basic Bushes

Starting Scenery: Basic Bushes This is the next video in my starting scenery course – bushes. Not quite a tree, definitely not grass but a great middle ground for filling out scenes. Model bushes are perfect in so many situations. I’ve used these techniques quite a bit in the last year and I really like

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Model a Realistic Rain Diorama

Model a Realistic Rain Diorama I was looking for something a little different and wanted to do a night time scene in the lashing down rain. It’s a little daunting taking a perfectly good diorama and covering it in gloss varnish but the result is worth it! Inspiration The Final Result Materials The Amazon links

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Model a Beach Scene

   Model a Beach Scene Please support me on Patreon at It may be wet, cold and windy outside but inside, it’s scorching hot and sunny, on my beach scene at least…  This was a nice quick and easy diorama to bring a ray of sunshine in after all that snow… I wanted

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2018 Review of the Year

 2018 Review of the Year It’s that time of year where you look back at what you have done this year. I must admit, I didn’t think I’d achieved much but maybe I’ve done a little more than I thought! The Great Model Railway Challenge Find out more here. I even got some modelling

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