Kickstarter Modular Landing Pads

I am so excited to be running my first Kickstarter of Modular Sci Fi Landing Pads for 28mm to 40mm tabletop games.


Beyond the civilised sectors of the galaxy lies the outer rim and one small star system within it – Severna. There are planets and moons with diverse environments from icy wastes to hot lava, cyberpunk cities and terraforming colonies… Despite being a long way from the more populous systems, Severna is thriving and the constant space traffic requires many landing pads to allow easy access by spaceships to the planet and moon surfaces. Some are even floating above the giant gas giants in mining colonies or on an ocean moon’s seas. 

Do you have spaceships with nowhere to land?  Take your sci-fi tabletop gaming to the next level with these new modular landing pads!  These 3D printable modular landing pads provide a versatile and customizable landing pad for your miniatures to touch down on.  With the easy-to-use OPENLock system, you can clip together a variety of configurations, creating endless possibilities for your gaming terrain.  Thanks to their support-free FDM printing design, you can bring your landing pads to life with ease. Made to work with scales ranging from 28mm to 40mm.

Designed for ease of play and works with your existing terrain.  Add height, access points, or keep them flat on the table.  With a range of sizes available, from small to a complete tabletop, the modular design allows for endless possibilities.  Plus, the tops separate from the bases to mix and match for even more variations. 

The landing pads are all part of a modular system using OPENLock clips to join them together.  Start with a base, add sides and tops and then customise with legs and ramps as you want.  A new addition is our mini clip (60% size), allowing even finer detail.

For those wanting a quick start, ready-made packs have been pulled together for the main designs so you know exactly what to print along with blueprints to help you put them together.

Back just to show your support, or pledge above £32 and get either all the modular core set  or designs from a galaxy far, far away plus stretch goals listed below.  For £52 (£45 early bird offer), you can get ALL the models and stretch goals.