• New Shop Opening Discount

    New Shop Opening Discount

    I have added a new way to buy the 3D print files from my Kickstarters – Gumroad. You can already get my files through MyMiniFactory but it never hurts to have another way to get hold of them. My very first campaign – add a landing pad to your tabletop or diorama with a wide variety from desert…

  • Severna Spaceport – 24 Hours Left!

    Severna Spaceport – 24 Hours Left!

    I can’t believe there are only a few hours left until Severna Spaceport finishes!   I counted up the models I printed and painted and there are over 80 buildings, structures and pieces of scatter.  With all the modularity – that means so many more are possible.    Last Change to Back Severna Spaceport Kickstarter! 3D printable…

  • The Moonhopper Space Taxi | Print | Paint | Play

    The Moonhopper Space Taxi | Print | Paint | Play

    No spaceport would be complete without spaceships and Philipp at gamesART has given the Moonhopper modular space taxi to Severna Spaceport backers for free.  It is designed for 28mm RPG and sci-fi tabletop games and has a playable interior.  It makes the perfect transfer from the space port to your hotel – or pub! You…

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