• Severna Spaceport

    Severna Spaceport

    It’s been a while since the last email and in that time, the last Kickstarter has finished – thank you if you supported me – and I am already working on the next one provisionally scheduled for February next year.  It is a spaceport heavily influenced by both Star Wars and Starfield.  I may have…

  • The Transport Delta

    The Transport Delta

    I love this ship – it’s the Transport Delta by 2nd Dynasty – a sister ship to the Millennium Falcon and you can get it on my Kickstarter if you haven’t already! Don’t forget to support the Kickstarter now if you haven’t already – Sign up now! .  I really had to slow down and paint this ship properly…

  • But Does it Play Well?

    But Does it Play Well?

    One thing I have to think about all the time now besides – does it look good? – is – does it play well?  I designed some great rocks for the lava Kickstarter and they are big chunky line of sight blocking heavy cover.  However, you can’t stand a mini on them… Don’t forget to support…

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